St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Class 4 Residential

Pupils from Class 4 set off on their adventure to Hothersall Lodge on Monday to make memories and have fun. They were accompanied by Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Royles and Miss Harrison.

Hothersall Lodge was a great adventure for all of Class 4 and so much fun. Personally, my favourite part was the gorge walk because we got very muddy and some of the girls made mud masks! Leah Whitehead

The canoeing was amazing at Hothersall but also hard! It was spectacular when we roasted marshmallows on the fire we had made. We had to make sure that we didn’t drop them! Freya Stevens

When I went to Hothersall, one of my favourite parts was den building and making campfires. Even though I had a fear of fire, I faced it and now would love to make a campfire again! Penny Robinson