St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Helping With Homework


Every night or during the day in the holidays is a must if you want your child to become a confident reader. 10 to 15 minutes of 1 to 1 reading, sometimes you reading to them, can make all the difference to them gaining good results throughout school. Your child may be a talented mathematician but they won’t get the results they should get if their reading ability is below what it should be for their age. Make time for reading as part of the homework. Teachers expect this to be done daily.


Mental Calculations Addition and Subtraction

Mental Calculations Multiplication and Division

You will see from the calculations policy what type of methods the pupils use in class. This can help you if your child is struggling remembering how to do it at home.

Times Tables:

Like reading this really important and is the key to understanding many mathematical concepts. Being able to quickly recall a times table can make maths easier and children become confident at learning new facts.

In each class the pupils will be given a set amount of homework above reading and learning tables. This usually is given so that is will consolidate what they have been learning in class and also to get them into good habits for the future.  It is helpful if you can find a quiet place without the TV on so that they can complete their homework with as little fuss as possible. They may need some support from you especially the younger pupils, however, homework must not lead to everyone being upset or it being dragged out too long because they are too tired to get it done efficiently. Half an hour to an hour each evening is realistic, children also need to have time to relax and enjoy being a child. If problems occur just write in the diary or on the homework and that will ensure the teacher understands the context of the problem.