St Mary's Catholic Primary School

EAT Learning

Our ExcEllEnt Curriculum Drivers

EEAT learners – to develop resilient learners we encourage children to:

EEngage –learners through a practical, fun curriculum, shaped by and responsive to our children’s needs. Lesson sequences begin with a ‘WOW!’ experience within each topic to hook the children in and make their experiences memorable. Our half-termly plans are designed around one central topic and a cross curricular approach to teaching and learning is undertaken.  PE, Music and MFL are taught as stand-alone subjects although where link opportunities present themselves they are capitalised on.

Each child within school has their own individual ‘St Mary’s Passport to Learning’ and will follow throughout their learning journey in school. The passport is filled with lots of different activities and experiences, which make our St Mary’s Curriculum unique. This ‘passport’ will contain a wide range of activities that we feel the children at St Mary’s School should take part in, whilst they attend our school.

These activities range from following nature trails, building dens in the wild, camping outside, exploring rock pools, sharing a picnic with friends and family AND MANY MORE! Check out some more of our ideas taken from the National trust website at- as well as ideas from staff, parents and pupils.

Within each class, each child will have the opportunity to take part in these experiences and, using their passport, create a record of the activities they have completed, either at home or within school. As each child leaves in Year 6, they will be presented with their Learning Passport as a memento/reminder of the learning experiences they have had whilst at St Mary’s.


To further promote our EAT Learning within school, we have further reminders within classrooms and around the school environment on how children can show that they are engaging with our EAT Learning ethos.

Here are our posters from around school:










Here are some of the activities and the classes they are linked with:

Class 1

Make cakes

Visit Blackpool

Cook food and eat outdoors

Explore the village

Play Pooh sticks

Fly a kite

Do some Yoga

Class 2

Make a shelter

Learn an instrument

Cook on a camp fire

Grow vegetables

Eat a picnic in the wild

Go pond dipping

Bring up a butterfly

Class 3

Watch a theatre show

Make and bury a time capsule

Have an outdoor day

Control an object using ICT

Visit a historic place

Taste foods from around the world

STEM Learning Week

Snail racing

Class 4

Shop for and cook a meal

Climb a rock

Make something from wood

Learn survival skills

Go star gazing

Raise money for charity

Talk to an expert

Plan a nature walk for your Class 1 buddy